about me

about me

Hello, I'm Larissa, my friends call me Lari... And I'm the owner and founder, the designer and seamstress, the CEO, CFO, CMO/ the one-woman show behind the HETTI brand. I design and sew your pillows, I advise you in my shop studio and work with you to find your favorite pillow.

Here you can find out a little more about me, what I'm passionate about, what makes me happy and what makes me grumpy, what's on my mind when I dance around my shop and where my passion for pillows actually comes from...

August 21, 2023 — Larissa Reuter


Yay, we're in the middle of summer! This is the time for long nights out, socializing – and light fabrics.

Because just like we keep our wardrobe of warming and insulating fabrics like wool have switched to lighter and more breathable clothing such as linen, we are now also turning to airier textiles on sofas and beds. My clear summer favourite: Silk!

July 24, 2019 — Kristina Hellhake
HETTI. Magazin Beitrag - Frische Sofakissen für den Frühling

Let the sun in - The most beautiful cushions in spring

The temperatures are finally rising, the sun is making an appearance again and maybe you already feel the need to organize a spring cleaning at home, to work, to redesign and to provide a breath of fresh air.


What other shoes are for me are home accessories and pillows in particular - I can't get enough of them! So, just in time for the beginning of spring, I not only start scrubbing the dirt off the windows, but also change the sofa decoration. The nice thing is that I don't have to commit myself at all, but can regularly implement your individual wishes for the perfect couch cushion: You can choose from the numerous linen, silk, wool and cotton fabrics that I work with and you can choose the color and material combinations that fit into your interior. Of course I'm happy to advise!

April 04, 2019 — Kristina Hellhake
Kunstzimmer, Aquarell Illustrationen auf Postkarten und Prints zu kaufen im HETTI. Store Berlin


We have already introduced you to our new colleague Stefanija , with her label Damaja Handmade she decorates sustainable clothing and textiles with wonderful, individually handmade embroidery. The next addition to the team, with whom we are expanding our concept and range in the store, is Denise Zimmer, who goes by the name Kunstzimmer creates delicate, true-to-life watercolor illustrations. These are now available in our shop at Reuterstraße 62! Denise has been living in Berlin for eight years, but still keeps her homeland, beautiful southern Hesse, in her heart. And on paper – because the closeness to nature that she was able to enjoy at home, surrounded by fields and paddocks, is also reflected in her artistic work. In an interview, she tells us what inspires her today for her work and what she particularly likes about illustrating.
October 24, 2018 — Kristina Hellhake
Handbestickte Kosmetiktaschen von HETTI. und Damaja

Creative cooperation - HETTI. x Damaja

We have already announced it to you, our store concept and our products are currently changing. With this summer we decided not only the HETTI. Opening the store for other creative people and jointly offering a larger range of home accessories, but also working together in a very concrete way in the creation of new products.
September 05, 2018 — Kristina Hellhake
Designdialog.store, Hochwertiges Design mit Charakter

HETTI. HOMESTORY – Interview with the DESIGNDIALOG.store team

I n the second part of our HETTI. Homestory series we would like to introduce you to a whole team of design enthusiasts. Fabian, Melanie and Thorsten from DESIGNDIALOG.store love personal design and the stories behind the products and their creators. This passion gave rise to the idea for her lovingly run online shop, in which she also has ours Pillow DAVID finds. Today the three tell us more about themselves, the idea behind DESIGNDIALOG and their personal favorite pieces.

August 06, 2018 — Kristina Hellhake
HETTI. Moderne Wohnaccessoires wie handgefertigte Sofakissen aus Berlin


As you know, in the past two years we have not only had our own design and home textiles like Sofa cushions, seat cushions , pouches and hot water bottles sold in our store in the beautiful Berlin Reuter-Kiez. In cooperation with the Hamburg online shop Freundts Wohnaccessoires we have designed a concept store for beautiful living. This time together has now come to an end, because freundts is now fully concentrating on the e-commerce business, while we have expanded our team with three strong women and would like to introduce you to our new concept! :D

July 04, 2018 — Kristina Hellhake
Leinen, Stoff aus dem Sofakissen von HETTI. von Hand gefertigt werden


As you know, every single product and accessory in our HETTI. Collections made with care and love. The choice of materials varies depending on the season and the occasion. Today we introduce you to another favorite material – the unfairly underestimated linen.
June 20, 2018 — Kristina Hellhake
Handbesticktes Shirt von Stefanija, Damaja Handmade, handbestickt in Berlin


In our HETTI. Shop at Reuterstraße 62 in Berlin, a lot will change: After two years and a wonderful time, our partner, Freundts wohnaccessoires, will concentrate on the online business and a new chapter will begin for us. We will soon be showing you exactly what that means, workshops with exciting and creative topics related to handwork are definitely part of it! It starts with Stefanija, who decorates sustainable clothing and textiles with handmade embroidery under her label Damaja Handmade . Her motifs vary between personal initials, tropical plants, animals of all kinds, plants and fruits - there are no limits to the imagination. On request, she also creates very personal compilations.
June 07, 2018 — Kristina Hellhake
HETTI. Handgefertigte Sofakissen aus Berlin auf dem Sofa anordnen

6 tips: Sofa decoration for every pillow type

Especially now, in spring, we are in the mood for change at home. It doesn't always have to be a new piece of furniture - accessories such as cushions also bring a breath of fresh air into the interior. And sometimes it's enough to simply rearrange them on the sofa!

HETTI. Designer Larissa Reuter reveals small but effective styling tricks for all different types of decoration and how you can arrange your cushions in the most beautiful way. The various cushion arrangements were lovingly illustrated by our loyal friend and talented graphic designer Vivian Kvitka, who created seven delicate watercolors for us. <3
May 05, 2018 — Kristina Hellhake


HETTI. is more than just a label for Home accessories and textiles: We want to enrich your home with every single design and with ours Throw pillows also tell a little story. Therefore all our products, from the cushion covers to the sofa cushions, Hot water bottles and even the sheets, different names. And some of these are a bit unusual - that's the name FRIEDL , OTILIJA or ROY - rarely found in everyday life . In our new magazine series we would like to introduce you to the special women and men behind the names of our pillows.
April 21, 2018 — Kristina Hellhake
Hochwertige Wärmflasche CONNY von HETTI. in den Armen von @taniofficial

HETTI. HOMESTORY – Interview with Tanja from @taniofficial

In our HETTI. Homestory we would like to introduce you to some of the inspiring people who made our HETTI. Home accessories were allowed to move in. Today Tanja (@taniofficial) tells us what role the hot water bottle CONNY plays on a perfect day at home, what is important to her when it comes to home textiles and interior design and how the birth of her son changed her taste and style.

April 07, 2018 — Kristina Hellhake