In the second part of our HETTI. Homestory series we would like to introduce you to a whole team of design enthusiasts. Fabian, Melanie and Thorsten from love personal design and the stories behind the products and their creators. This passion gave rise to the idea for her lovingly managed online shop, where you can also find our DAVID pillow . Today the three tell us more about themselves, the idea behind DESIGNDIALOG and their personal favorite pieces.

Who are you and what do you do?
We are a small team of currently three people who came together under the name DESIGNDIALOG. The name says it all, because we develop designs in dialogue with our customers. We prefer to design and develop business models, applications and business appearances. Since we are part of a network with many close and long-standing contacts, we also integrate photography and video production. We enjoy the diversity of opportunities to create something new in collaboration with others. Especially when we can use it to overcome a major challenge for our customers in a collaborative game.

The team
How did you come up with the idea for DESIGNDIALOG and the DESIGNDIALOG Store?
Designdialog was founded as an agency in 1998 by Thorsten Trayser. From the very beginning, the goal was not only to create exciting products and appearances, but also to create values ​​based on the principle of communication design in cooperation and collaboration with designers. The team has been reformed since March.
In order to fully develop the potential of the network with our creative people, which has grown together more and more intensively over the years, and to have a platform to tell about it in addition to the customer orders, we founded the in addition to our agency business. The focus here is on the story behind the products and thus the story behind those who developed the product. Quality, sustainability and a holistic view of value creation in all its facets is our principle of “design dialogues” and also encourages new ideas within our network.

HETTI. Sofa cushions in the

What is included in the term design?
Design, especially communication design, has a social and political responsibility. We shape communication through the way we interact as humans. In this way, we largely determine how we feel and how we act. Design is more than just serving the need for “beautiful things”. We see attractiveness as a means that can be used to anchor an idea in society. This step is just as important as the content to be transported. Accordingly, it is very important to us that we promote the idea of ​​appreciation and cooperation in society and at the same time further develop the potential of our fellow human beings and ourselves - the DESIGNDIALOG Store is our platform for this.

Can you name your favorite designer piece?
Fabian: For me, there is a designer piece that has stuck in my head since the beginning of my studies. It is the Eames Lounge Chair swivel chair designed by Ray & Charles Eames for Vitra in 1956. It combines warm wood tones with soft seat cushions embedded in the wooden shell.
Melanie: I can't name a specific favorite piece, but I think uniquely designed crockery is really great and I often bring individual pieces home from vacation.
Thorsten: Like the lounge chair, my favorite designer piece comes from Vitra. For me, it's the T-Chair I sit on every day, which I think fits into any room setting and is incredibly comfortable.

What is your favorite room in your home and why?
Fabian's favorite room is clearly his living room with an open kitchen. Since he loves to cook and is very fond of good company, he loves this combination of two living spaces.
Melanie thinks her roof terrace is great, even if strictly speaking it's not really a room. Especially now in summer there are a thousand ways to create memories. Whether with friends or alone - a bit of holiday feeling is always there.
Thorsten's favorite place at home is in his converted attic, which has comfortable seating and a whiskey bar. Here he can withdraw and escape the everyday hustle and bustle.

In your eyes, what defines good taste in design?
Good taste is fundamentally defined by focusing on the essentials. This approach excludes decorative elements, but an object or accessory can go a long way towards creating an atmosphere – so it's more about the conscious use of elements. Because we believe that less is more, we embrace minimalism (not to be confused with purism) very devoted. This approach ensures clarity and order in all communication, regardless of whether we are designing an interface or a business model.

Handmade sofa cushion DAVID in light gray and dark blue in

How would you rate the design of HETTI. explain it to someone who has never seen or touched it?
HETTI. impresses with a clear shape and material concept. The fabrics and the colors used are warm, cordial and in no way intrusive. Because we don't just sell products from HETTI. but also the design service associated with the brand, the empathy shown towards the customer is also an important part of the HETTI. concept. If we HETTI. If I had to describe it in three words, that would be: cordial, clear and professional.
August 06, 2018 — Kristina Hellhake