We have already announced it to you, our store concept and our products are currently changing. With this summer we decided not only the HETTI. Opening the store for other creative people and jointly offering a larger range of home accessories, but also working together in a very concrete way in the creation of new products.

A special inspiration and part of our work community is Stefanija from Damanja, whom we were able to briefly introduce to you here . While we are still working on the new store concept, which we will present to you soon, a first cooperation has already emerged.

The beautiful and filigree embroideries that Stefanija makes by hand have become a wonderful detail on our cosmetic bags . In limited collections, our pouches made of silk and linen are adorned with playful embroidery inspired by geometric structures and natural forms.
Typical for the Damanja x HETTI. Design mix are the delicate and lovingly designed figures and shapes, which come into their own on our natural fabrics such as linen or cotton and are usually a design element
pick up the color of the pouch.
You can buy the first three embroidered unique pieces here in Stefanija's Etsy shop. :)

Hand-embroidered cosmetic bag made of silk and linen, cooperation with HETTI. and Damaja Handmade Cosmetic bag with floral embroidery, made of silk and cotton, green-grey

In addition to the embroidered cosmetic bags and individual pillows, which will remain unique, we have also started to embroider small motifs and initials on our hot-water bottles . In addition to our soft hot water bottle covers, you will soon be able to place an individualization option in the shopping cart in our shop. A wonderful gift for children too, we thought. Just in time for the onset of autumn, we will soon also be offering small children's hot water bottles for you. We look forward to our new products and your inquiries!

Children's hot water bottle embroidered with initials, handmade from wool and linenHand-embroidered children's hot water bottle, individual gift for birth
September 05, 2018 — Kristina Hellhake