Cuddly wool blankets to match your HETTI. Pillow

Is your couch missing the finishing touches for stylish comfort? Matching our pillows , you will find comfortably soft blankets made of sheep's and lamb's wool, which your HETTI. Round off the ensemble and turn your sofa into a warming, soft feel-good place.

With the fluffy blankets made of sustainable Scandinavian wool and patterns in a minimalist Hamburg design, you can give your home stylish comfort in no time at all. The fine feel of the materials invites you to let go and relax. Equip your living environment with our velvety soft wool blankets and enjoy the soothing embrace of these cuddly companions.

The blankets we have selected complement the color spectrum of our cushions with their restrained colors borrowed from nature and fit harmoniously into any HETTI you have chosen. ensemble on. Restrained patterns with sophisticated details give your sofa, couch or bed that certain something and round off the cozy combination of blankets and pillows with style and quality.


The Hamburg-based company D&T Design produces high-quality blankets made from high-quality new wool and lambswool, whose classic, reserved designs are in harmony with the minimalist shapes and colors of our pillows. The soft, warm tones of the D&T plaids we have selected will blend harmoniously and discreetly into your home, because their natural color spectrum goes with almost all sofas and, together with our cushions and hot-water bottles , will transform your apartment into a stylish, comfortable place to feel good.