In the first part of our small blog series, we show you the process of finding ideas and the sources of inspiration for our HETTI. designs presented. The second part is about selecting the fabrics, putting together the new models and staging the new collection . We look forward to opening our studio door to you and showing you the process of creating the new HETTI. to share products. :D


Once enough impressions have been gathered to create a new collection, the HETTI will advise you. Team which home textiles should be created. In addition to cushions , matching fine hot-water bottle covers are also made and zipper pouches are made from leftover fabric, which can be used as cosmetic bags or as practical companions for pens and business cards in everyday life. Once it has been agreed which products are to be created and to what extent, Larissa begins to select the perfect fabrics. She prefers not only to select these based on samples in the studio, but also to view the range personally from the manufacturer or their representatives at various trade fairs. Being able to look at and touch the fabric in larger dimensions gives the best impression of the differences and qualities.


Trade fairs offer an ideal environment, they give an overview for all suppliers and you can compare quality, feel and color nuances directly on the spot. At HETTI. we work exclusively with high-quality natural fabrics and carefully select our partners for linen, wool , silk & co. Relationships with our retailers are very important to us and we regularly exchange ideas with them about new fabrics, colors and changes in the market in order to always offer our customers the best possible quality. Once the right materials and colors have been selected, the amount of fabric to be purchased is estimated and the demand is precalculated. It is important for us to include the interests and preferences of our regular customers as well as to inspire new customers with our design.

Sample tabs for the new pillow collection from HETTI.Trade fair visit to buy new natural fabrics for HETTI.



The fabrics are selected, ideas for color combinations are taken from our imagination, intuition and our sources of inspiration. Now the actual design, the “puzzle”, as Larissa affectionately calls it, begins. Various fabrics and zips are placed side by side over a period of several weeks in search of the most beautiful and exciting combinations. Which colors go best together? Which zipper complements the ensemble? And which of the resulting cushions can be easily combined with each other to form an ensemble? Prototypes are sewn and compared with each other to see which selection qualifies for the new collection and fits into the overall HETTI concept. inserts

Selection of zippers for the new cushions from HETTI.Marking the linen fabric for the new HETTI cushions.


The culmination of the creation of the collection is the small photo shoot at the end: As soon as the prototypes are ready, we shoot all the resulting products. This creates images for the online shop and sales, but also for presentation to partners or interested customers. We create a small look book and record the collection and individual production steps. The cushions then go on sale and inform our regular customers and the press about our new collection. Also in the HETTI. Store at Reuterstraße 62 in Berlin Neukölln the new pieces find their place.

Photo shoot for the new HETTI collection. Part of the new HETTI Winter 2017/18 collection.

We hope you enjoy browsing through the new collection and look forward to your suggestions and feedback!

January 09, 2018 — Kristina Hellhake