Especially in autumn and winter it is important to us to create cosiness and comfort in the home. When it's cold outside, we retreat to our own four walls with our loved ones and spend more time here than before. For many, this is an occasion to reconsider the home decoration and the interior or to redesign it directly. At HETTI. autumn and winter mean high season and we set about designing new home accessories and favorite pieces. HETTI loves and devotes itself to the product. through the entire value chain and begins with the care that is put into the planning of the collection. Today we would like to take you behind the scenes and show you in two parts how a new collection is created. Because right now the new pillow models are in the works!



You might think that a pillow is a pillow, but with HETTI. the cushions are not only characterized by the finest craftsmanship and individual details, their personal story is also unique. Designer Larissa prefers to dedicate her cushions to her favorite artists, and the choice of colors and names are reminiscent of their works and/or romantic entanglements with artistic muses. Another important source of strength in addition to art are the trips that Larissa undertakes, and a visit to the Biennale in Venice or Tuscany can be just as valuable as a weekend in Brandenburg. Everyday life in the Neukölln neighborhood can also bring inspiration, fascination and new ideas, or a visit to the museum or the flea market, where Larissa rummages through old photographs and picture collections.

HETTI. Inspiration, holidays in Puglia as color inspiration for new cushions Art from the 1920s as a source of inspiration for new pillow designs



In the case of home accessories for autumn/winter 2017/2018, the forest theme determines the new collection. In addition to the collected inspirations, the feedback and wishes of our customers as well as the fabrics that we find at trade fairs and at our manufacturers and dealers are decisive for this. Last but not least, nature is a special inspiration for the new coloring. So it was long walks through the autumn forests of Brandenburg and their lakes that inspired us to a soft dark green and blue. The setting sun over fog-covered meadows and the autumn colored leaves were the model for a rich, dark yellow. Together, the colors tell the story of a dreamy autumn walk and invite you to rest and linger.

Lake and forest in Brandenburg as a source of inspiration for new cushions from HETTI.Nature as a source of inspiration for new sofa cushion designs from HETTI.Painting as a source of inspiration for HETTI's handmade cushions.

In Part 2, learn how the right fabrics are found and how the collection takes shape.

And HERE is our new VELLUTO collection. Have fun discovering! :)

November 28, 2017 — Kristina Hellhake