Who the typical HETTI. knows cushions and textiles, knows that straight lines and bright colors determine our design. Our home accessories give every home and every sofa an extra dose of cosiness and create the balance between minimalist elegance and personality and warmth. Today we take you back to our Berlin studio and present one of our design classics. Internally we call this design the "Pacioli Pillow", named after the famous mathematician Luca Pacioli.



With his findings in the mid-15th century, he not only enriched the natural sciences, but also declared art to be a mathematical discipline through the principle of perspective. In doing so, he influenced the painters of his and all coming epochs: the young Leonardo da Vinci, for example, learned from him personally and found inspiration for his own works in Pacioli's studies. This is how he created his famous depiction of the “man in square and circle”, which symbolizes the striving of finite man for infinite, divine insight. The drawing illustrates the thesis that the human body, especially the human hand, has a "divine proportion" and is in a certain proportion to the overall body size.

Luca Pacioli - father of the golden section, design principle of the HETTI. designsLeonardo da Vinci



The golden ratio has shaped the discipline of art, architecture and design as a fundamental principle. The theory behind this design principle can be easily understood with our MARIANNE cushion: The golden section applied to the design of the cushion means that the ratio of the width of the cushion to the larger fabric part of the cushion - in this case the light linen fabric - exactly the ratio of the larger one Part (linen) to the smaller, here the woolen fabric , corresponds. A particularly nice feature of this design is that you can see both fabrics at the same time in every position of the cushion and never have to decide on just one color.

The golden ratio - the design principle of the HETTI. sofa cushions


For our cushions á la Pacioli, we particularly like to combine thicker and firmer fabrics with a thinner and more delicate material. This emphasizes the interplay of the materiality and the different colors, which are directly opposed to each other in the golden ratio, and the design principle comes into its own on the respective home accessories. The cushions in the style of Luca Pacioli are a nice change from the other HETTI. Cushions that offer a different look with different fabrics on either side. With them you can choose one or the other color depending on your mood. Especially if you want to combine several pillows with each other, a pillow in the golden ratio offers a nice break.

If you combine FLORENCE and LISETTE , for example, you get the same fabric combination twice, with two different design principles that complement each other perfectly. With this design sophistication, it will certainly not be boring at home.

March 18, 2018 — Kristina Hellhake