Larissa, The heart of HETTI.

Today we would like to introduce you to Larissa Reuter in a more personal way! As the founder and designer, the 30-year-old is the creative mind behind HETTI. Since the end of 2014, Larissa has been fulfilling the interior wishes of her customers and designing individual, minimalist and colorful cushions and home accessories that make every home more personal and comfortable.

Inspiration when it comes to handwork – grandmother Hetti

Larissa has been involved with handwork since she was a child, because her grandmother Hedwig - Hetti, who later gave her name and inspired the label - loved to sew. As a child, Larissa particularly liked to wear her grandmother's self-sewn creations. She herself became increasingly interested in fine arts, interior design and interior architecture while still at school – she wanted to feel surrounded by colour, harmony and aesthetics. In the end she studied art history, but as rich as this study and work in galleries and museums was in terms of inspiration and content, the realization remained: art cannot be touched! Larissa was certain: the opportunity to design things yourself and create them with your own hands should be reflected in her work.

grandmother Hetti

The cornerstone for HETTI.

A fateful gift followed: for her 27th birthday, Larissa received a sewing course for home textiles from her friends. The problem - the workshop fell on her grandmother's milestone birthday. But instead of insisting on her granddaughter's presence, Grandma Hetti insisted on attending the course. And should set the course for Larissa's future. The course, the creative energy of the city of Berlin and the active support from friends and acquaintances gave Larissa courage to turn her long-cherished dream into reality. The HETTI label was created from the intertwining of design, interior design, handwork and a love of fabrics. born.

In gratitude to her grandmother and based on her own love of handwork, the naming came about naturally. Creating something with your own hands and thereby individually implementing the wishes of the customers and making their homes more beautiful remains to this day special concern for Larissa.

Pillows with attention to detail

The focal point of the home accessories from HETTI. are the versatile and characteristic cushions of the label - simply because there is nothing more beautiful for the designer than to create a cozy atmosphere in all areas of life. With HETTI. and her own online shop for home accessories, she has fulfilled a dream. In addition to art history, she also draws inspiration for the designs and colors of her sofa cushions , floor cushions, seat and outdoor cushions from nature. That's why she always accompanies her travels with a small selection of fabrics and cushions in order to gain new ideas and impressions in different surroundings:

Apulia - sea with pillows

HETTI. visit in store

Are you curious about Larissa and her products? Then feel free to stop by the shop at Reuterstraße 62 in 12047 Berlin and let Larissa personally advise you on your selection. You and your team will be happy to make you cushions that are individually tailored to your wishes - so that cosiness and comfort move into your home!

June 06, 2017 — Kristina Hellhake